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Outfitters Originals

Elevate your Company Brand with an Outfitters Original!

Let’s address the elephant in the room… no one wants a boring, generic t-shirt. At Team Outfitters, we can not only provide quality apparel for your business, but we can also provide you with a one-of-a-kind design that will ensure that elephant is the best dressed elephant in the room!

Outfitters Originals is our new crowd-sourced design option that allows you to tap into professional designers around the world. Each one will put their unique spin on your brand, creating a unique library of original ideas that will surely appeal to your audience. Once complete, we’ll print your favourite design onto a fresh new set of tees!

Hassle-Free Design Process

We utilize a vast network of professional graphic artists from around the world that will bring your brand to life, while building a complete library of unique concepts that can be used on a variety of apparel and merch items including t-shirts, sweatshirts, travel mugs, and so much more!

Quality Apparel

The package includes a set of cotton t-shirts, but we can also help to narrow down additional apparel options that provide the best quality and value to extend the reach of your brand for years to come.

Package Details

The Outfitters Original package includes finalizing your favourite design, as well as the print and production of a set of 100 basic cotton t-shirts for a price of $15 ea. + Taxes. Some conditions apply.

Interested in learning more about how to start a Custom Merch Program for your Company?

The benefits of launching a company merch program are numerous. For starters, it provides a way for businesses to increase their visibility, as customers wearing or using branded merchandise will be effectively serving as walking billboards for the company. Additionally, a company merch program can help businesses to establish a deeper connection with their customers, as the merchandise serves as a reminder of the companys commitment to quality and service. Furthermore, it can help to boost employee morale by providing them with branded apparel and accessories, creating a sense of pride in their work.

By launching a company merch program, businesses can also enjoy increased revenue. The sales of branded merchandise can be used to offset the cost of production, while also creating a new source of income. Additionally, by capitalizing on the trend of customized apparel, businesses can increase their customer base by creating unique and attractive products that appeal to a wider audience.

Contact us today if youre looking for a way to elevate your brand by launching a merch program for your business.