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Doodle Tees

Looking for a unique fundraising opportunity, or just something new and exciting for your organization or business? Check out our new DOODLE TEES from Team Outfitters!

Doodle Tees are a truly unique concept that combines creativity, customization, and engagement. It’s not just another t-shirt option; it’s an exciting and innovative approach that can breathe new life into your brand or fundraising efforts.

Doodle Tees will provide your audience with the opportunity to express their individuality and artistic flair. Choose from a collection of pre-designed templates, or collaborate with our skilled team to craft an exclusive masterpiece that perfectly captures your brand’s essence (additional fees apply).

What truly sets Doodle Tees apart is the experience they offer. Every package includes a set of (4) Team Outfitters Fabric Markers with every shirt, and will allow your audience to turn a plain t-shirt into a canvas for their imagination. The finished product will become a conversation starter and walking billboards for your organization, sparking curiosity and interest wherever they go.

Experience the joy of art, the power of self-expression, and the thrill of a truly novel fundraising concept with Doodle Tees from Team Outfitters. Unleash your imagination today and make a lasting impression on your community!

Package Details

Choose from one of our pre-designed templates, or have our team create your own individual work-of-art.

Qty. 25 – $14 ea.
Qty. 50 – $12 ea. 
Qty. 100 – $10 ea.

Taxes extra. Each set includes one pack of (4) Team Outfitters Fabric Markers with every shirt. Custom artwork development starting at $99 + Taxes.

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